A unique whisky collection from Bowmore

Islay Bowmore Scotch Whisky has unveiled a new collection of rare whisky for 2022. The collection will include the 50YO Bowmore from 1969 and exclusive editions of the 30YO and 40YO Bowmore from 2021. The new collection will be available in the UK from the beginning of next year.

Bowmore Distillery was established in 1779 and it is the oldest distillery both on the island and in Scotland. It is located on Loch Indaal, in Bowmore - the largest town on the island.

The 1969 Bowmore Whisky sits at 46.9% ABV and was the last launch of the Vaults brand. This single malt whisky was matured in American oak ex-Bourbon casks. Tasting notes include floral and citrus aromas combined with sweetness. Meanwhile, 40YO Bowmore (48.7%) was created as a limited series of 159 bottles and will cost £6,750.

The 30YO whisky was bottled in 2000 from stocks of the 1989 vintage at 45.1% alcohol content. It has been aged in hogshead sherry and bourbon casks and will retail for £2,000. This whisky is said to have tasting notes of ripe apricots and charred pineapple that lead to tropical fruit and honey on the palate.

Earlier this year, the complete Black Bowmore whisky collection was sold for $ 563,000 at Sotheby's sale, setting a new record for the brand at auction.

Source: www.thespiritsbusiness.com

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