Blockchain technology will help confirm the authenticity of the whisky

A team of scientists from the Scottish Universities Environment Research Center (SUERC) and London-based technology company Everledger have joined forces to create what is believed to be the world's first digital age verification service for whisky. The cooperation is aimed at combating counterfeits of rare Scotch whisky. Researchers estimate that as much as 40% of all rare whiskies on the market may be counterfeit.

Whisky bottles are to be fitted with special closures that prevent their contents from being manipulated. The liquor in each bottle is to be analysed using an innovative technology developed by SUERC, which will be connected to the blockchain using NFC. This will create a digital record of the origin and age of the whisky in the bottle.

The project developed a way to accurately determine when whisky was distilled using radiocarbon dating. With access to samples of rare whisky, the team created the radiocarbon dating curve that is now used to age all types of rare whisky. The technology is able to detect the actual age of the whisky with an accuracy of several years.

The research team decided to use bottle caps designed by Everledger and a blockchain platform that was launched in April 2020. After the radiocarbon tests are completed, scientists are expected to add an NFC label to the cap, and then consumers can use a smartphone to check the exact origin of the bottle and its the story.

This breakthrough technology is designed to provide a permanent, digital record of a detailed radiocarbon analysis of bottles of very rare whisky, so consumers can protect themselves from purchasing counterfeit products.

It looks like blockchain technology will be the future of the whisky industry in the context of bottle authentication. Wolfcraig Distillery plans to introduce a pioneering blockchain-based technology throughout its supply chain to ensure the highest standard in the supervision and monitoring of the origin and authenticity of bottles. Confirmation of their authenticity is to be easily accessible to consumers, using QR codes on the Wolfcraig bottle labels.


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