Destylarnia Aberargie

Aberargie is a very young distillery as its first distillate came out of the equipment in November 2017. In recent years, thanks to the Aberargie distillery, the number of whisky factories in the Lowlands has increased several times. It is located on the road along the southern bank of the River Tay and the mouth of the North Sea.

Aberargie’s owners are planning to dedicate all of the distillery’s production to bottling as single malt whisky, occasionally allowing a small portion of the distillate to be used to make other products of the company. Despite the fact that the distillery is located in the Lowlands, this whisky is more like Highlands products in character - it is fruity, heavy and full. From time to time, there will be a distillation based on smoky peat malt, but it is not yet known what percentage of it will become one of the ingredients of the company’s official product.

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