Destylarnia Aberfeldy

Aberfeldy is located in central Scotland, on the outskirts of the village it takes its name from. The distillery is famous for its attachment to tradition. To this day, it uses only Scotch barley and yeast to make whisky, and draws its water from the natural, crystal-clear Pitilie Burn stream. Aberfeldy avoids modern solutions and computerization, and focuses on the skills and experience of the people working there. Traditional wooden fermentation vats are still used here. The distillery also uses characteristic stills with very wide necks. Single malt whisky from this distillery is appreciated among connoisseurs and is famous for its sweet, mild character and honey aromas.

Aberfeldy was founded in 1896 by the family company John Dewar & Sons. Blended Dewars whisky produced by them was already an extremely popular and appreciated brand, which increased the company’s demand for single malt whisky for use in its flagship product. To this day, the vast majority of production is intended for blended whisky compilation. Only a small percentage of the casks are bottled as official single malt spouts at the age of 12 and 21 or end up in independent bottlers.

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