Destylarnia Aberlourn

Aberlourn was founded in 1826 by James Gordon and Peter Weir. The first distillery, however, was burned down in a fire, and was rebuilt in 1879 by James Fleming, and it is this date and this name that appears on the labels of Aberlour whisky today.

However, in 1892 the Aberlour distillery was taken over by R. Thorne & Sons, thanks to which the distillery was modernized and extended. Unfortunately, in 1898 another fire broke out, which destroyed several buildings and a large amount of aging whisky. Fortunately, the distillery was quickly rebuilt.

Whisky from Aberlour Distillery is partly influenced by the water source that flows in Ben Rinnes through the local peat bogs and granite deposits in the Lour valley. As a result, this water has rare minerals and makes the water very soft, and the whisky produced from it gives a delicate character.

Whisky from the Aberlour distillery is aged in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks for a period of 9 to 15 years, and then bottled in the strength of the barrel, it means without diluting with water, with strength (approx. 60%), in a natural, deep amber color without any addition caramel dye. It is also not cold filtered.

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