Destylarnia Abhainn Dearg

Abhainn Dearg Distillery, is a Scottish distillery located in Uig on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, whose Gaelic name means the Red River. This distillery makes everything in an old-fashioned, archaic and artisanal way. For whisky production, the distillery uses local barley and water, and the filtration, bottling, labeling and packaging process is also done by hand.

This distillery is one of the youngest distilleries in Scotland, it was founded in 2008 by Mark Tayburn, and the first distillate appeared on the market in 2010, but it was not yet a legal whisky. The first single malt from Abhainn Dearg distillery was released in 2011 as a three-year special edition. In 2018, the first 10-year-old single malt appeared on the market – it means the oldest whisky that was produced by a distillery.

Abhainn Dearg alembics were designed and built by Mark Tayburn, and were inspired by old, illegal alembics, thanks to which they have extremely elongated necks.

A mixture of non-peat and peat distillate is produced here in small mash tuns. A small part of this production is marketed as new-make without any age specification.

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