Destylarnia Ballindalloch

In 1823, the Macpherson-Grant family built a distillery called Delnashaugh. Its history only lasted until 1827. Then a hotel was erected in its place, which serves its purpose to this day.

The official opening of the Ballindalloch distillery took place on April 16, 2015. This distillery has a small mash tun with a capacity of 1 ton. The distillery only uses barley of the concerto variety, without any peat. Two quick fermentation vats - 92 hours and two long fermentation vats - 140 hours. The distillery uses seven sources of water flowing from the mountains. They work five days a week. The distillery is operated manually. It employs only four people.

• We do not want to sell single bottles, we also do not want to sell cheap whisky, we want a good, luxurious product that people will want to come back to. We are still arguing about what our debut should look like, but it is very likely that we will present several variants of our whisky right away. Says Brian Robinson, manager of the distillery. That is why the first whisky from Ballindalloch will be bottled in 2023 at the earliest.

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