Destylarnia Ben Nevis

The Ben Nevis Distillery is located on the outskirts of Fort William in the western Highland region, at the foot of Scotland’s highest peak and the entire British Isles, from which it takes its name. It began operating in 1825. It quickly gained the recognition of connoisseurs, and the vintage whisky editions from this distillery, especially from the 60’s and 70’s, can delight even the most demanding lovers of the “water of life”. In 1848, the taste of the whisky produced there was appreciated by Queen Victor herself, whose drink was so fond of her that she took the whole barrel with her to Buckingham Palace, which was opened on the occasion of the 21st birthday of the Prince of Wales.

The distillery belongs to the Nikka concern, and a significant part of its production is used to produce popular blends branded by the Japanese company. As a result, fully “Scottish” spouts from this distillery are very rare and of value to whisky collectors.

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