Destylarnia BenRiach

BenRiach is a distillery located in Speyside, founded in 1898 by John Duff. Unfortunately, after two years it was closed and for the next several dozen years only the malt house in the distillery was used.

It reopened thanks to the new owner of The Glenlivet Distillers Ltd in 1965. Then, in 1978, the distillery was taken over by Seagrams, and in 2001 by Pernod Ricard.

BenRiach Distillery was an anonymous supplier of whisky for blending blends, due to the fact that Intr Trading took over the distillery in 2004, the distillery began a new chapter. In just 10 years, BenRiach has released many whisky editions in the so-called classic Speyside style, finished whisky, peat whisky, single cask and even triple distilled. In 2015, BenRiach Distillery Company was awarded the Global Whisky Distiller of the Year title by Whisky Magazine.

The distillery has an original malt house ready for operation, where barley is still occasionally prepared for the production of whisky. The plant is equipped with, among others 8 steel fermentation vats and two pairs of stills, and the annual production is approx. 2.5 million liters. The whisky matures here mainly in bourbon and sherry casks. In 2016, the BenRiach distillery, along with GlenDronach and Glenglassaugh, were purchased by Brown-Forman for a record £ 285m.

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