Destylarnia Benrinnes

The Benrinnes Distillery lies at the foot of the mountain it owes its name to - Ben Rinnes, and the water used in the whisky production process comes from streams that are located at the top of the mountain. Over the years, the distillery has been characterized by an unusual method of producing “water of life”, as part of the distillate has undergone triple distillation, while double distillation is usually used. In recent years, this process has been simplified, but still using solutions uncharacteristic for the industry, which have an impact on the taste and quality of the final product, such as a special cooling system for the necks of stills.

Benrinnes has released only one official bottling - the 15-year edition of Flora i Fauna. Most of the whisky goes into the production of blends, incl. Johnnie Walker and J&B. Independent whisky spouts from this distillery are relatively rare and in demand by collectors. Most of the whisky from the Benrinnes Distillery have light and floral notes, typical of the Speyside region.

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