Destylarnia Blair Athol

The Blair Athol Distillery, although little known to lovers of single malt whisky, is very popular with tourists. It is situated in a very picturesque area of the Highlands, in the Strathtay Valley, surrounded on both sides by impressive mountain ranges. The distillery is home to beautiful, historic Victorian buildings, and its visitor center offers visitors a glimpse into the whisky production process and the history of the region’s distillery industry.

Blair Athol is one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries. It was built in 1798 under the name Aldour (from the nearby Allt Dour River). In 1933, it was purchased by the Bell company, and the whisky produced here was one of the most important ingredients of one of the most popular blended whisky in Great Britain. For this reason, Blair Athol single malt whisky is extremely difficult to find on the market. The few single malt whisky from this distillery are characterized by a very sweet, honey aroma, with hints of citrus fruit and heather. The most famous single malt whisky from Blair Athol is the 12-year-old whisky from the Flora & Fauna series. Its label bears an otter - its presence in the Allt Dour Burn stream, from which the distillery draws water for the production of whisky, is to prove the extraordinary purity of the water flowing there.

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