Destylarnia Bowmore

The Bowmore Distillery was built in 1779, making it one of the oldest distilleries in all of Scotland. It is located in the very center of the famous Islay Island, on the Loch Indaal Bay. The water for the production of whisky is taken from the nearby Laggan stream, the source of which is located among the peat bogs for which Islay is famous. Bowmore is one of the few Scottish distilleries that still runs the entire production process on its own - even the floor for germinating the barley malt has been preserved there.

The whisky from this distillery is known for its peaty, smoky and sea accents characteristic of the Islay region. The maritime character of whisky is additionally enhanced by the fact that some of Bowmore’s warehouses, where maturation takes place, are located below sea level.

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