Destylarnia Braeval

Braeval is a modern distillery located in Speyside, a fertile region of rivers and valleys known for producing delicious whisky with delicate fruity and floral aromas. Braeval or Braes of Glenlivet, as the original name of this distillery was, operates on six alembics with thin necks that help create a light, floral style of the drink. Most of the whisky from Braeval goes to the production of blended whisky, and bottled single malt editions are rare even among the outlets of independent bottlers, which makes whisky from this distillery extremely valuable in the eyes of collectors.

The sources from which the distillery draws its water are known for their very high quality, which certainly translates into the taste of the whisky produced from it. It is also one of the two highest situated distilleries in Scotland, sharing this honorable title with Dalwhinnie.

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