Destylarnia Bunnahabhain

Staoisha is a name referring to one of the Bunnahabhain distillery’s water sources used for the production of heavily peated whisky editions, which account for approximately 35% of the total production. The name “Bunnahabhain” means “mouth of the river” and comes from the Margadale stream that flows near this distillery in the north of Islay. The distillates mature mainly in bourbon and sherry casks.

Bunnahabhain was founded in 1881 and is one of the youngest distilleries on Islay. It does not, however, fit in with the strong peaty whisky trend characteristic of the region. Of course, peat is clearly noticeable in most spouts, but the oily and delicate whisky from this distillery gives it a milder character.

An interesting story is connected with its construction, because it was created in a complete remote area, in a very inaccessible place. This was because of the water source of extraordinary quality there. Therefore, it was necessary to build access roads and a harbor here, and over time - unlike most Scottish distilleries - a town was created that owes its name to the distillery.

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