Destylarnia Caol

Caol Ila is the largest distillery on the island of Islay. Built in 1846, it lies on the Sound of Islay, near Port Askaig. Its name in Gaelic means “Strait of Islay”. From the very beginning, the production uses peat-saturated water from the nearby Loch Nam Ban lake.

Caol Ila is a whisky with a character typical of the region, full of sea and smoky aromas and a rich, complex bouquet. However, it is slightly milder than the typical Islay heavily peaty whisky. Although most of Caol Ila’s production is intended for blended whisky (including Johnnie Walker), there are both official editions and outlets of independent bottlers on the market. Single malt whisky from this distillery is valued and sought after by connoisseurs.

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