Destylarnia Caperdonich

The Caperdonich Distillery is considered by many whisky connoisseurs to be the hidden gem of the Speyside region. The interest of collectors is aroused not only by the high quality of the drinks produced there, but also by its turbulent history. It was opened in 1898 by James Grant as a sister distillery to Glen Grant. Already 4 years later, the distilleries were closed, and whisky production was reactivated there only in 1965. The huge success of the whisky produced in both distilleries in the 1970s meant that the then Caperdonich distillery was expanded and the number of stills was increased to four. In 2002, the distillery was taken over by the Pernod Ricard concern and closed again.

As with several other Scottish distilleries, such as Brora and Port Ellen, after the distillery was closed, it gained many followers among whisky connoisseurs. While in the case of the aforementioned distilleries, one can count on the reactivation of production, in the case of the Caperdonis it will never be possible again - it was demolished in 2010. Caperdonich has been officially bottled as single malt whisky only once, however, on the market you can find outlets from independent bottlers, which are invariably appreciated by connoisseurs due to their high quality and rarity.

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