Destylarnia Clynelish

The history of the Clynelish Distillery goes back over 200 years - all the way back to 1819. It was known for the fact that all ingredients used in its production came from local sources - peat coal from a local mine, barley from fertile fields in the area, and water from the charming Clynemilton Burn stream. From the very beginning, the whisky from this distillery was famous for its exceptional quality, even outside the United Kingdom, which was unheard of at that time. Alfred Bernard even called it “the most expensive of all Scotch whisky”. To this day, Clynelish, drawing on its 200-year-old tradition, produces delicious whisky appreciated all over the world.

The liquors from the Clynelish distillery are characterized by a mild yet dry taste, with delicate peat and floral notes. The taste also includes notes of salt and sea iodine, which reveal the seaside origin of the distillery. It is said to be the closest to the island style of Highland whisky.

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