Destylarnia Dailuaine

The Dailuaine Distillery is situated in the heart of the Speyside region, between Mount Ben Rinnes and the River Spey. Jej means ‘green valley’ in Geali, which perfectly describes its breathtaking surroundings. Dailuaine became famous for its contribution to whisky production technology - it was here that the first pagoda malt dryers in Scotland were built, which over time has become the standard and hallmark of most Scottish distilleries. It was designed by the outstanding architect Charles Doig with the use of “golden proportions”.

Most of Dailuaine’s production is used to blend Diageo’s flagship blend, which owns the distillery - the famous whisky by Johhnie Walker. In 2005, only 2% of the whisky produced here was bottled as single malt. The few editions of single malt, released mainly by independent bottlers, gain recognition of whisky connoisseurs around the world as very successful and elegant liquors. High quality, as well as the rarity of single malt spouts, also affects their price.

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