Destylarnia Deeside

It is one of the experimental whisky distilleries in Scotland. Deeside, is one of several Scottish whisky distilleries that were originally established as a brewery.

Since opening in 2017, Deeside has spent 18 months experimenting with the single malt whisky recipe, filling 55-liter octave barrels with liquid - which were never put on sale.

With the move to larger premises impending, Deeside’s production life is on course. Only 100 single malt barrels - fermented in the distillery’s existing tanks - will be produced and only 88 barrels will be released for sale.

The Liam Pennycook head distiller uses a blend of pale, crystal and chocolate malts to produce a “sponge-ground” single malt whisky.

At the same time, Deeside also produces “Bourbon-style” Scottish rum and whisky, using a mashbill containing at least 51% maize, both of which are distilled in a square iStill.

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