Destylarnia Dufftown

Dufftown Distillery, founded by Peter MacKenzie and Richard Stackpole and their two partners. It was established in 1896 in a renovated mill building adapted for production.

Then, in 1933, Arthur Bell & Sons became the owner of the distillery, and today it is owned by Diageo. The distillery practically never stopped operating from the very beginning, but the exception was the time during World War II, as the state authorities forbade delivering grain to alcohol factories.

The next break took place only in individual years, when the distillery was undergoing modernization, these were the years 1968, 1980 and 1999. This modernization owes the distillery huge production capacity, which reaches 6 million liters of alcohol annually.

The Dufftown Distillery uses excellent water which is of great importance to quality. This water is drawn from Highland John’s Wells. Dufftown distillates mature in sherry and bourbon casks, but most of those used for blends mature in refilled casks. The Dufftown distillates are used to create the Bell’s blend.

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