Destylarnia Glenburgie

According to official sources, the Glenburgie Distillery was founded in 1829 under the name of Kilnflat, but unconfirmed sources say that it started operating as early as 1810. Glenburgie belongs to the Pernod Ricard concern and is part of the Chivaz Brothers. The vast majority of the whisky produced here is used for the production of blends, incl. one of Ballantine’s most famous brands in the world.

Due to this fact, it is extremely difficult to find any single malt spouts from this distillery on the market. The only official bottling of the Glenburgie distillery so far entered the market in 2002 as a 15-year-old whisky and was only available for a short time. If we manage to find single malt from this distillery, it will probably be one of several outlets of independent bottlers. These very rare bottlings are highly valued by experts. In the aroma and taste you can find fruity, citrus, vanilla, herbs and almonds.

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