Destylarnia Glenturret

Glenturret Distillery is often referred to as the oldest distillery in Scotland for marketing purposes. However, the facts are that in the place where the distillery operates today, there was also a distillery of the same name, but the owner of the distillery, which still operates today, bought the rights to use the brand only in 1875. The buildings of the old distillery were not used for production, but only for its aging.

In 1957, only the next owner of the distillery bought the old distillery buildings and equipped them with whisky production equipment. This distillery, therefore, factually, is only just beginning its middle age.

The fermentation process in this distillery takes 100 hours, thanks to which the character of the whisky in its production has a fruity character. Distillation here takes place in copper stills and is longer than in other distilleries, which gives us the opportunity to feel a pleasant, delicate sweetness.

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