Destylarnia Isle of Barra

The Isle of Barra Distillery at Borve, Barra, Scotland is a planned future whisky distillery on Barra. Barra Distillery was originally founded in 2008, although wind turbines to power the distillery were installed in 2012 the distillery buildings are still to be constructed. The distillery has become a Community Benefit Society, a vehicle to direct profits to support social and economic development in the community of Barra & Vatersay via a charitable trust. Shares are available to purchase, and it is expected that construction will commence before 2022.

Production is planned to commence as soon as construction is complete, with the first whisky going on sale after the legal minimum maturation of 3 years and 1 day.

The Isle of Barra Distillery is the trading name of Uisge Beatha nan Eilean Ltd., which has the same community benefit society legal structure as GlenWyvis Distillery (the first community distillery in Scotland).

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