Destylarnia Lagavulin

Lagavulin Distillery was established in 1816 by John Johnston. Its name comes from the Galilean “Lag a Mhuillin”, which means “mill in the valley”. It is located on the island of Islay.

The next owner was John Crawford in 1852, who in 1867 sold it to James Logan Mackie & Co., which produced blended whisky. In 1878, Peter Mackie, the nephew of James Logan Mackie, was hired. Thanks to him, the White Horse mixed whisky was launched on the Nba market, which became a very important part of Lagavulin.

Lagavulin whisky was included in the Classic Malts portfolio in 1989. As of today, Lagavulin whisky is very popular among smoky whiskys, and Lagavulin 16yo whisky is considered the world’s best “stand”.

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