Destylarnia Linkwood

Linkwood is a picturesque distillery located in the Elgin area, on the banks of the River Lossie, in the Speyside region. Established in 1821 by Peter Brown, in its history it has undergone numerous renovations and expansions to produce 3.5 million liters of distillate annually. It draws its production water from the nearby Milbules spring. It is known for its attachment to tradition, as evidenced by its architecture - above the buildings in Linkwood you can see a pagoda, characteristic of old Scottish distilleries, which crowns an old malt drying building with stone walls.

The whisky produced in Linkwood is valued both by master blenders and by connoisseurs of single malt whisky. It is mild in character, fruity and fresh, and at the same time rich and harmonious in taste and aroma. On the market, single malt whisky from this distillery can be found in several official editions, as well as in the form of bottles from independent distributors.

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