Destylarnia Mannochmore

Mannochmore Distillery was built in 1971 by John Haig & Co. Unfortunately, it is not known to whisky lovers, which is even paradoxical to the amount of whisky produced in it - 4.5 million liters per year. Apart from collector’s editions, it is not bottled as single malt whisky.

The distillery is in charge of the Diageo concern. The water that the distillery uses to produce the whisky is drawn from the Bardon Burn spring. Lightly ground malt is also used here.

A little known distillery got publicity thanks to the 10-year-old Loch Dhu, i.e. black whisky, released on the market. Unfortunately, it got very negative reviews because its taste was compared to a dirty ashtray. Today it is very hard to get and one bottle costs around £ 200.

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