Destylarnia North British

The North British Distillery Company was founded in 1885 on the western outskirts of Edinburgh by Andrew Usher, William Sanderson, James Watson and John Crabby - influential blenders who joined forces to create a distillery that would produce grain whisky to make blended whisky. It remained independent until 1993, when it was acquired by Diageo and the Edrington Group. Whisky from the North British Distillery is used in the production of well-known blended whiskys, incl. Johnnie Walker Black Label, J&B Rare, The Famous Grouse.

It is one of only six grain distilleries in Scotland, distinguished by the fact that it prepares its own malt and uses most quality corn for distillation, rather than cheaper wheat. As a result, the whisky from this distillery is more expressive and rich in aromas.

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