Destylarnia Strathearn

The Strathearn Distillery is one of Scotland’s youngest and smallest distilleries. It is located in the village of Methven, near Crieff in Highland Perthshire. It was founded in 2013 by an engineer and whisky enthusiast Tony Reeman-Clark. Like many craft distilleries, it produces other types of spirits in addition to whisky, including gin and rum.

Whisky from this distillery is unique - the plant uses some forgotten methods, it uses, among others very slow fermentation and distillation - everything to ensure that the distillate, after leaving the alembic, and even before maturation in the barrel, presents a unique character and taste. At Strathearn, various types of malt, barrels and distillation methods are also experimented with. Thanks to this, each batch that this small, artisanal factory produces has its own unique character.

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