Destylarnia Tomatin

The Tomatin Distillery was founded in 1897 by a group of Inverness businessmen. The beginnings of the distillery were difficult as the group of businessmen did not know well the competition that was Pattinsons Ltd., which soon saw the whisky crash. That is why the Tomatin distillery was suspended in 1906.

The distillery was already operational in 1909 and has been developing steadily. In 2010, the distillery released its first peat Tomatin 4YO, which was entirely intended for the Japanese market, and widely available only from 2013. It was Cù Bòcan, whisky without age declaration, matured in sherry casks.

As of today, the basic ingredients of the distillery’s products include: Tomatin Legacy, i.e. whisky without age declaration, Tomatin 12YO, 18YO and 30YO.

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