The new distillery in Campbeltown heralds the rebirth of the region

Just days after R&B Distillers, owner of the Islay of Raasay Distillers, unveiled plans to build a distillery in Campbeltown, plans were announced to build another distillery in this once booming whisky region. This time it is about the Del Riata distillery, which is to be built in the city of Argyll and Bute and will produce 850,000. liters of pure alcohol per year, using locally grown barley for production.

Dal Riata Distillery takes its name from the ancient Gaelic kingdom on the west coast of Scotland and the northeast of Ireland. There are three directors behind it: Iain Croucher, founder of North Star Spirits, Ronnie Grant, owner of RB Grant, and David Stirk, former founder of Creative Whisky Co and author of The Distilleries of Campbeltown.

Iain Croucher told The Herland Scotland, “Dál Riata Distillery will be much more than just a single malt whisky production facility; it will be friends and family, it will be business, it will be social and believe us, it will be fun. A distillery is nothing without its supporters. To be able to connect with people around a table discussing our production methods, wood policy or our maturation strategy, or simply to catch up with old friends, I can only imagine will be the most magical whisky experience. The addition of this distillery to the Campbeltown region will reinforce the town’s place in the story of Scotch and Dál Riata will be a new chapter to an already incredible history.” 

There used to be some 30 active distilleries in Campbeltown. Today there are only three left: Glen Scotia, Springbank and Glengyle. Soon, two more distilleries will be added to this list, and if the demand for Scotch whisky will grow at the same pace as last years, it can be expected that not only Campeltown, but also other regions of Scotch whisky production may experience their renaissance.


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