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Stilnovisti is the oldest alternative investments company in Central and Eastern Europe.
We manage investments for private and corporate clients,
focusing on assets such as wine, whisky and art.



Colin Hampden-White

comes from Scotland, and has worked with The Times, New York Times and Decanter for many years. A fine art photographer, his other great passion is wine and whisky, which he has been collecting for more than 10 years. Colin Hampden-White is an authority on investment alcohols. Currently, he oversees an innovative cask whisky project at Stilnovisti.

Krzysztof Maruszewski

is the founder and president of Stilnovisti, which has been investing its clients’ funds, mostly in wine, whisky and art markets, since 2006. Krzysztof Maruszewski has experience in managing alcohol-based assets worth in excess of £26 million and is the most experienced fund manager in the alcohol market in Central Europe. Privately, he a patron of the arts and is passionate about whisky.

Henry Matson

began his career by importing wines for his own company. He later moved to Charles Taylor Wines and, in 2009, he joined Farr Vintners, the biggest British wine brokers, a strategic partner of Stilnovisti. His passions include photography, snowboarding and the best Burgundies.

Agnieszka Piasna – Maruszewska

has been responsible for strategy since the firm was established. She fosters relationships with key stakeholders and leads on image-related activities. Privately, she collects art, loves the best wines and Italian cuisine.



Alternative investments

Alternative investments are investments in products other than using the traditional financial methods.
They include tangible assets such as works of art, whisky or collectors' cars.
Alternative investments are characterised by low dependence on the traditional financial markets.

Why does it pay to invest this way?

- Attractive rates of return (on average 10% - 15% per year), several times the rate paid for conventional deposits

- Market development, free from the vagaries caused by speculation, based on the market forces of supply and demand

- Security of invested funds – concrete goods purchased and owned by the client

Why we are effective?

Every investment market known today has in its history offered exceptional profits from investments made at the right time. This is why, notwithstanding the analysis of trends in the existing markets, we continue to seek new ones, which are still at an early stage of development, in order to offer our Clients solutions which are not only to their advantage profit-wise, but above all, safe due to low prices.


Investing in single malt Scotch whisky is becoming increasingly popular.
Official figures from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have revealed a strong year for Scotch Whisky exports in 2018, with
global growth by both value and volume. In 2018, the export value of Scotch Whisky grew +7.8% by value, to a record £4.70bn. 
We focus on investments in cask whisky which, according to experts, is currently the safest and most attractive form of investing in alcohol.

Why it pays to invest?

- Purchase of physical assets – together with the purchase, the client becomes the owner of specific casks or bottles of whisky

- Significant increase of the investment’s value over several years

- Limited production capacity of whisky in Scotland, coupled with a growing global demand for both blended and single malt brands

- Stable market, not susceptible to the fluctuations of capital markets