Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky

Scotch whisky is the national drink of the Scots, with a heritage dating back more than 500 years. Scotland has more than 130 active whisky distilleries, each with its own specific production methods and unique whisky flavour.

The richness of Scotch whisky intensifies the possibility of aging distillate in various types of barrels, which give the drink a unique taste, aroma and color for each individual barrel.


The history of Scotch whisky dates back to 1494, when the first documented mention of distilling in Scotland appeared in the tax books of the time. The entry mentions "Eight bags of malt for John Cora's brother, which can be used to make aqua vitae".

Today, Scotch whisky is drunk in 175 countries around the world, and every second 38 bottles leave Scotland, allowing millions of golden drink fans to enjoy its unique taste and heritage.


There are more than 130 active whisky distilleries in Scotland, and there are more than a dozen other distilleries planned or under construction. Scotland's distilleries are divided into five whisky-producing regions; Campbeltown, Highland, Islay, Lowland and Speyside.

Use our map of distilleries in Scotland to learn more about distilleries producing Scottish national alcohol.

Production methods

The production process of Scotch whisky has a key impact on the taste and aroma of the drink. The smallest nuances, such as barley or yeast species or water source, can be of tremendous importance for the quality of the final product.

Discover the methods of Scotch whisky production

Types of whisky

Scotch whisky is an extremely diverse drink, not only in terms of the richness of various aromas and flavors, but also the types of whisky and its various types. At the same time, what Scotch whisky is and how it is defined is strictly regulated by the relevant Scottish institutions.

Discover the rich world of Scotch whisky.

Types of barrels

Whisky ripens in barrels, reacts with wood and acquires its taste and aromatic characteristics. The type and size of the barrel are of enormous importance for the final character of the drink. Each barrel will give the drink its unique, one of a kind character.

See what barrels are used for aging Scotch whisky.

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