Investments in whisky

Investments in whisky

Whisky is one of the most profitable alternative asset classes. For many years, the rates of return on investment in whisky have been very high, overcoming other alternative investments, such as rare coins, wine, works of art, or watches.

When buying a barrel of whisky, you buy a product which value increases with age. This increase is influenced by qualitative factors (in simple terms – the distillate taste improves with the maturation time in the barrel), as well as quantitative factors (almost 90% of barrels are bottled before or shortly after reaching 12 years of maturation, which affects the high rarity of barrels older than 12 years).

The uniqueness of investments in barrels of whisky

is that they are independent of the situation on the stock exchange or raw materials markets. The low correlation with traditional financial instruments makes barrels of Scotch whisky ideal for the diversification of the investment portfolio.

Why is it worth investing?
A stable, growing and independent market
Limited production capacity for whisky as demand grows
Increase in the value of assets related to the passage of time
Security of the invested funds
Purchase of physical assets

The process of investing in barrels of whisky


Advisor of Stilnovisti, after consultation with the client and the investment committee, prepares the offer of barrels. Our priority is always to meet customers expectations. Depending on the desired size and degree of portfolio diversification, the purpose of the barrels, the length of the investment or even the investor's personal preferences, we are able to propose a portfolio of assets that will be fully adapted to the individual requirements of the client.


The customer becomes the owner of specific barrels of whisky. Receives proof of purchase and all necessary information and documents confirming the ownership.


The barrel ripens in Scottish warehouses and takes on value over time. Assets are insured against theft, damage and fires.

At any time, the client can terminate the investment in two ways:
Resale of barrels at a profit.

Barrels most often go to producers of blended whisky. The growing demand for blended whisky, combined with the limited production capacity of Scotch whisky, means that investors do not have to worry about the liquidity of their assets.

Barrel bottling and bottle sales.

We are one of the few Polish companies that has the status of an independent bottler. We are able to carry out the entire process for the customer, from bottling to distribution and promotion of a unique, limited series of whisky.

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