Stilnovisti is the oldest alternative investment company in Central and Eastern Europe. We have over a dozen years of experience in managing our clients' portfolios, thanks to which we are able to analyze the macroeconomic and market situation and accurately place funds at the best time.

Regardless of the analysis of trends in familiar markets, we are constantly looking for new markets that are in the early stages of development, in order to offer our customers solutions not only beneficial in terms of potential profits, but above all safe due to low prices.

Whisky barrel broker

Stilnovisti is the oldest alternative investment company in Central and Eastern Europe. Several years of experience in the industry and cooperation with the largest authorities and distilleries in the world of Scotch whisky allows us to offer our customers the highest quality advisory services when purchasing investment barrels.

Our priority is always to meet customers' expectations. Depending on the desired size and degree of portfolio diversification, the purpose of the barrels, the length of the investment or even the investor's personal preferences, we are able to propose a portfolio of assets that will be fully adapted to the individual requirements of the client.

By investing with Stilnovisti you become the owner of physical assets. The barrels are insured and stored in distilleries or warehouses in Scotland. The experience of Scottish distilleries guarantees storage in ideal conditions that ensure the safety and proper ageing process of the distillate. The customer can terminate the investment and sell their barrels at any time.

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Independent bottler

We are one of the few Polish companies that has the status of an independent bottler. Thanks to over a dozen years of experience and recognition in the world of whisky, we have access to exceptional and rare stocks of this drink from various Scottish distilleries. Thanks to this, we bottle some carefully selected barrels for our customers or under our own brands.



During more than 15 years of presence on the market Stilnovisti was the organizer, exhibitor or participant of several hundred festivals, fairs, tastings, masterclasses and other industry events around the world. For many years, we have been involved in promoting and expanding our knowledge of Scotch whisky through numerous press and radio releases and lectures.

Get to know the history of Stilnovisti and the most important projects and events in which we have participated.

Investment comittee

When choosing barrels for our Clients, we are supported by an Investment Committee consisting of the greatest authorities of the whisky industry. Thanks to this, we are sure that the assets selected for our clients are the best possible choice, guaranteeing the highest possible rate of return. Get to know our

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Our over a dozen years of experience in the market of alternative investments allows us to play the role of experts in the field of investing in alternative assets, such as whisky, wine or works of art. The statements and analyses of the Stilnovisti team can be read in the publications of the largest media in Poland.

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