Destylarnia Annandale

The Annandale Distillery was founded in 1836 and was acquired by Johnnie Walker & Sons in 1895. However, in 1895 the crisis that was triggered by the bankruptcy of the Pattison brothers and later World War I forced the distillery to close in 1918. As a result, the Annandale distillery did not exist for almost a hundred years.

The Annandale Distillery was rebuilt in 2014 and is making whisky again. This distillery produces two types of whisky - peat whisky and one made from dried malt without peat. Both are named after one of the two great Scots. The peaty whisky from Annandale is Man o’Sword, which is named after the 14th century King of Scotland, Robert I Bruce. As for the second whisky, it was named Man o’Words - in memory of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns, it is a non-peat variety of the local whisky.

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