Destylarnia Arbikie

The Arbikie Distillery is situated in Angus, this distillery is distinguished by its traditional farming activities. The property owners, the Stirling family, have been farming the land for four generations. This distillery was certainly created due to the fashion for whisky, but still whisky production is an extension of farm activities.

Master Distiller Arbikie Kirsty Black has announced that she will not bottle her whisky until it’s 14 years old. According to the findings, the line-up of the distillery’s offer is to have 14-year, 18-year and 21-year versions. Each bottle will be labeled with the age and vintage age of the whisky, as well as an indication of the field from which the barley was used in its production. This means that we will not try the first Arbikie whisky until 2029.

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