Destylarnia Ardbeg

Located in a valley in the town of Kennethmont, the Ardmore Distillery was founded in 1898 by Adam Teacher. From the beginning, its main purpose was and still remains the production of whisky to be combined in the famous blended Teacher’s whisky. It is also one of the largest Scottish distilleries, in which eight stills produce 4.2 million liters of distillate per year. The water for production at Ardmore is drawn from the springs of Knockandy Hill.

For years, Ardmore has been known for producing peat-flavored whisky, which distinguishes it from other distilleries in the region. It is extremely rare on the market as single malt whisky, the vast majority of production goes to the blended Teacher’s whisky compilation. The few single malt editions from independent bottlers have gained a lot of devoted fans.

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