Destylarnia Auchentoshan

Auchentoshan is one of the few active distilleries in the Lowlands region. It is also the only Scottish distillery to still use the triple distillation that was once characteristic of the region. Thanks to this production method, the drink is mild in taste and matures much faster than double-distilled whisky. Auchentoshan, named after the Galician “Achadh an Oisen” meaning “little corner”, was the first bottled single malt from the Lowlands region.

The history of the distillery can go back even to the 18th century, when alcohol was probably distilled here by monks from a nearby monastery. Official sources say, however, that the distillery was founded in 1817. Interestingly, Auchentoshan draws water from Loch Katrine lake several dozen kilometers north of it - formally from the Highlands.

The Auchentoshan whisky, however, has the characteristics typical of the Lowlands region, where the climate is much milder, which results in faster maturation of the distillates in the barrels. The whisky from this distillery is characterized by a mild, light and sweet aroma with fruity, refreshing accents. Thanks to their subtle and delicate taste, they are perfect for people who are starting their adventure with Scotch whisky, and at the same time highly appreciated by experienced connoisseurs of the “water of life”.

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