Destylarnia Balblair

Balblair is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland - it officially started production in 1790, but there are reports of illegal distillation, which was supposed to take place here as early as 1749. It lies in the north of the Highlands, near an area known for a large amount of young, brittle peat. The water used to make Balblair whisky comes from the Ault Dearg spring that flows through these peat bogs, which gives the distillate its unique character, while the air from the nearby sea bay gives it a salty aroma.

Balblair is a whisky with a distinctive taste and a bouquet full of sweet and fruity character. Most of the whisky produced in this plant was intended for compiling blended whisky - incl. the well-known Ballantine’s, Bell’s and Whyte and Mackay. In recent years, single malt spouts have become increasingly popular among whisky lovers.

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