Destylarnia Mortlach

Mortlach Distillery is located in the heart of the Speyside-Dufftown region, considered by many to be the capital of Scotch whisky. At the same time, it is the oldest distillery in the city - it was legalized in 1823, while the illegal production of whisky had already taken place here.

The history of Mortlach, like many other Scottish distilleries, is full of owner changes, modernizations, extensions and periods of downtime. An interesting fact is that William Grant, the founder of the famous Glenfiddich, worked there for two decades.

The water used to make the whisky in Mortlach comes from a spring on the slopes of the nearby Conval Hills and has a unique character - it flows through vast bogs, giving it a strong peaty taste even without using it when drying the malt.

Most of the whisky produced in Mortlach is used as a high-quality ingredient in blended whisky, including the famous Johnnie Walker. The few editions of single malt, released as official and independent bottlings, gain great recognition from connoisseurs. The 16-year-old Mortlach release from the Flora & Fauna series is considered by many to be a cult whisky, referred to as one of the best examples of whisky maturing in sherry casks.

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