Destylarnia Starlaw

Starlaw is a Scotch whisky grain distillery at Bathgate in West Lothian, opened in 2010. It is owned by French drinks group La Martiniquaise, as part of its Scottish subsidiary Glen Turner Company, and is sometimes known as Glen Turner distillery.

Along with Glen Moray distillery in Speyside it provides whisky for the company’s blended Scotch whisky brand Label 5. 

The distillery is integrated with a vatting, blending and bottling plant and has a capacity of 400,000 bottles per year. The distillery can produce 25 million litres annually and has 29 ageing warehouses (cellars) across 75 hectares at the distillery to allow for the maturation of over 600,000 barrels. 

In 2021, plans were submitted to West Lothian Council to extend the distillery site and create 21 new maturation warehouses. However, the planning application was rejected by the council in August 2021, following a list of objections received.

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