Independent bottler

Independent bottler

Independent bottlers create exceptional whiskies. Taking into consideration that the amount of spirit they purchase is small, it is not possible to re-create their output. In other words, they create unique whiskies only. Not surprisingly, the bottlings made by independent bottlers are very much in demand. They include selection of super-limited editions.

Stilnovisti is an independent bottler. Owing to the recognition and experience it enjoys in the whisky world, Stilnovisti has gained access to exceptional and rare stocks of spirits coming from diverse regions of Scotland. Accordingly, selected casks turn into Stilnovisti own bottlings.           


The Stilnovisti philosophy is to bottle whisky without chill filtering and colouring. We offer single malt, single grain and blended whiskies.

To this day Stilnovisti has made over 20 different bottlings, divided into four main flavour brands: Rage Whisky, composed of young, robust and flavoursome distillates, Puffin Whisky, a unique single malt whiskies from niche distilleries, helping the connoisseurs explore the diverse world of scotch whisky, Stilnovisti brand, which consists of exclusive and unique bottlings that has drawn the special attention of our experts and Lucullan, composed of extremely luxurious, rich in flavour and matured for at least few decades distillates.

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