Alcohol sales in British on-trade sector higher than pre-pandemic

According to CGA data, average sales in UK bars, restaurants and pubs reopened on the first day were almost 25% higher than on the same day in 2019. This means that consumers, after not being able to go to restaurants and pubs during the lockdown, embraced the possibility of being able to spend their time this way again with great enthusiasm.

On-trade venues in the UK reopened their doors on Monday, 17 May. On that day, beverage sales were up 21.2% and food sales were up 29.6% compared to the same day before the pandemic.

UK Hospitality CEO Kate Nicholls called on the UK government to support the hospitality industry in returning to normal:

“As we’ve seen previously, we often see a reopening bounce in sales, followed by a dip, so we hope these positive figures continue in the coming weeks. It is critical that government restores consumer confidence in hospitality and restores our ability to trade profitably by removing all restrictions on June 21st as planned – let’s not forget that all of these businesses which are open are still making a loss until they do.” – said Nicholls.


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