An upward trend in the alcohol e-commerce market

The latest analysis of International Wine & Spirits Research predicts that the value of e-commerce of alcoholic beverages will increase by 66% in global markets in 2020-2025. Experts predict that total global e-commerce alcohol sales over four years will be more than $42 million. Currently, a quarter of drinkers buy alcohol online.

The new IWSR e-commerce strategic study analyzed 16 target markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, South Africa, Spain, UK and the United States.

The e-commerce channel has been developing very dynamically for several years: in 2019 its value increased by 12%, and a year later in 2020 by almost 43%. According to IWSR forecasts, in 2025 e-commerce will account for 6% of the total volume of alcoholic beverages sales.

"Given the pandemic and overall changing consumer shopping behaviour, it’s certainly not surprising that alcohol e-commerce is growing very quickly” - commented IWSR Strategic Analysis Manager Guy Wolfe.

China currently accounts for 60% of total e-commerce value, with the highest percentage of online shoppers among all alcoholic beverages buyers. Meanwhile, the United States has the largest projected increase in the value of e-commerce, and by 2025 the US is expected to be the leader in this field, with an average annual growth of 20%.

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