AI can help you choose the perfect whisky for your taste

The diversity of the Scotch single malt whisky can seem overwhelming to newcomers. On the one hand the variety of flavors, distilleries, types of casks and finishes contributes to the greatness and growing popularity of single malts, but on the other it can be troublesome for people who do not yet have huge experience. The portal created by Diageo comes with help. It uses AI technology to determine user’s taste profile and hints suggestions for specific bottles that he should like the most.

Perfect Scotch Whisky for You

The "What’s Your Whisky" portal uses the latest technologies to analyse the user's taste preferences and finds the whisky that best suits his tastes. After loading the page, the user is asked to answer 11 questions regarding his individual preferences. The questions mainly relate to food and are designed to determine the basic direction of whisky selection. So there are questions about the most common aromas in whisky, such as smoke, dried fruit, sweetness and others.

Then, using the AI ​​technology, the portal creates the user's "taste profile" and immediately suggests a single malt whisky that best matches the results.

"What’s Your Whisky" is available at was initially launched for users from 9 European countries (Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands).


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