The Dalmore 62YO set a new record at the Sotheby’s auction

It seems like even coronavirus pandemic can't weaken investor’s interest in rare whisky. The latest example could be the "Sotheby’s Distilled: Iconic Samaroli, Dalmore 62 and The Oldest Cognac in the world" auction, where two bottles of the Dalmore 62 became the most expensive bottles from this distillery ever auctioned. The price for one bottle of this luxurious malt was GBP 266,200, receiving a total of 26 offers, which demonstrates growing demand and value of rare Dalmore bottlings.

Whisky casks selection

This success is undoubtedly due to careful cask selection and control over the entire maturation process by Master Distiller Richard Paterson, who has been working in this position for over 50 years. Paterson himself recalls that when in 1970 he took control of the old Dalmore casks, he immediately realized their enormous value, not only in financial terms, but primarily as part of the heritage of this distillery. He decided that such exceptional distillates deserve special treatment. He decided to finish the whisky in hand-made, small casks after 30-year-old Sherry Gonzales Byass Matusalem Oloroso. Paterson's involvement in the selection of the best casks resulted in the creation of a unique expression that attracted the attention of whisky connoisseurs at the auction at London's Sotheby’s. Only 12 bottles of The Dalmore 62YO were created, each individually named and hand-described. Until now, there were only two options to bid on the auction, so the appearance of two bottles at one auction was an unprecedented opportunity for collectors.

The price record and the large number of bids at the auction confirm the strength of the investment market, which, according to experts, is driven by growing interest from Asia. In uncertain times, asset-backed investments, such as whisky, are becoming a safe and secure investment, as more and more investors notice.

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