How to sell a cask of whisky

How to sell a cask of whisky

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning an investment in Scotch whisky casks is how to finish it. Some of the people who are not very familiar with this specific industry are concerned about the liquidity of their assets and the possibility of selling them off. Fortunately, the developing Scotch whisky market offers various options for finishing the investment, and Stilnovisti customers, depending on their expectations, can choose the solution that is most suitable for them. For many years, the demand on the Scotch whisky market has exceeded its supply, both in terms of bottles and whole casks, thanks to which our clients do not have to worry about the liquidity of their assets and the possibility of reselling them at a profit.

There are two options for finishing your Scotch whisky cask investment:

1. Resale of the whole Scotch whisky casks

The easiest and least time-consuming way to complete an investment in Scotch whisky casks is to simply resell them to another investor. The growing global demand for older Scotch whisky bottles translates directly into the demand for aged casks. The casks can be resold to other individual investors who have the means and time to further store the cask or to independent bottlers who are looking for casks of a specific age, from a specific distillery or with a certain flavour profile for the outlets they create.

Not everyone knows, however, that there is a huge market in Scotland that needs a constant supply of casks - these are the companies that produce the most popular type of Scotch - blended whisky. Every Scotch whisky we see on store shelves - including popular brands like Johnnie Walker, Ballantine's and Grant's - is made from barrel-aged distillates. Taking into account the scale of sales of blended whisky (1.3 billion 70cl bottles of Scotch whisky were exported from Scotland in 2019, of which 825 million were blended whisky), one can imagine how big is the demand of producers for casks of a certain age.

2. Bottling whisky casks and selling

Bottling the cask and selling the bottles is a more time-consuming but potentially more profitable way. Stilnovisti is one of the few companies that has the status of an independent bottler. The outlets of independent bottlers are of great interest to collectors and connoisseurs of this noble drink due to their uniqueness and careful selection. A small amount of bottled distillate allows you to create unique and one-of-a-kind limited editions of whisky.

Experience in the distribution and promotion of whisky allows us to operate effectively on many different markets. We work with the largest wholesalers, online stores, specialty stores and bars around the world. From Great Britain, through Israel, to China - we are able to successfully introduce the product to most of the world markets, ensuring its availability and appropriate promotion, as well as all legal and financial aspects.

We also take care of an suitable product marketing strategy, preceded by an in-depth analysis of the market and recipients. Experience in marketing activities allows us to choose the right tools and implement the planned strategy at every stage - starting from the preparation of appropriate advertising materials, photo sessions and video production, through recognition and cooperation with the most important influencers and media on a given market, to event organization, presence at festivals and the implementation of effective advertising campaigns in traditional and social media.

We support our clients at every stage of the bottling process, and our many years of experience and dozens of realised bottlings allow for effective selection, bottling, promotion and sale of rare whisky outlets on global markets.

If you want to know more about the investment in Scotch whisky casks or about the possibility of reselling the casks - contact Stilnovisti advisor.

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