Sales down in Asia Travel Retail

According to data from Whyte & Mackay, sales of single malt Scotch whisky in Asia Travel Retail have fallen by 52% since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whyte & Mackay is one of the largest single malt whisky supplier in Travel Retail sector in Asia and it’s brand Dalmore is the region’s third single malt by value. It’s worth mentioning, that the single malt whisky is nearly as big as blended in Asia duty free zones, accounting for 22% of the market. The company highlighted that the single malt category was very resilient in the crisis compared with other categories (Cognac sales dropped by 58%, and blended Scotch by 78%).

Clarisse Daniels, head of marketing for travel retail at Whyte & Mackay, said: “The single malt sector has been incredibly resilient throughout the past year. We have seen incredible pent-up demand and spend at duty free zones across Asia, and prestige brands such as The Dalmore have been driving that demand. The challenge is to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for our rare collections, so we are pleased to reveal that the travel retail exclusive The Dalmore Ensemble collection is launching in the region after enthusiastic reactions from our key partners.”

Duty free shoppers in Hainan will be able to learn about the new range through Whyte & Mackay’s omnichannel campaign.

Daniels also said: “This aims to drive awareness of our presence on the island in order to entice consumers to visit the duty free shop. Once in store, shoppers will be invited to discover both incredible brand stories and thrilling digital engagement. The multi-sensory experience will trigger an emotional reaction as they enjoy the product and create a lasting memory. They will be able to repeat the experience post-purchase with the animations being available online.”

Source: The Spirits Business

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