The interest in very old single malt whiskies keeps growing

For many years, the demand for exclusive old single malt whisky has been growing. Scottish distilleries and auction houses are trying to respond to the growing demand by offering connoisseurs older and older bottles. Even the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has not dampened collectors' appetites for rare whisky. An interesting example will be the 78-year-old Scotch whisky from the Macallan Distillery, which will be auctioned online on October 25. It will be the oldest whisky from this distillery ever released to the market.

The distilleries themselves are also trying to meet the expectations of a growing group of sophisticated whisky collectors. Glenrothes Distillery is just launching the oldest official edition - 50-year-old single malt whisky. It was distilled in 1968 and matured in sherry and bourbon casks for half of a century. According to the producer, it will be a complex and intense whisky, with spicy aromas of cardamom, vanilla, spices, as well as notes of jasmine and cedar.

Only 50 bottles will be available on the market at a price of USD 35 000 each. They will be delivered to customers in hand-made, numbered crystal decanters. Lucky buyers of this luxury whisky will also receive an exclusive FIFTY club membership, and each club member will be invited to The Glenrothes Highland Estate and Distillery, which is normally closed to visitors.

Contact a Stilnovisti advisor and take advantage of the growing demand for rare and old bottles of single malt whisky. Purchase a cask of Scotch whisky from Glenrothes Distillery and enjoy the rise in value of your cask with age.

Source: Robb Report

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