The reopening of the Brora distillery

On May 19 2021, the history of the Scotch whisky industry was written. It was on this day that a small group of employees, fans and collectors of Brora Distillery gathered to celebrate the filling of the first cask after the reopening of this iconic distillery. Closed in 1983, the Brora Distillery reopened after a three-year renovation, as part of Diageo's £35m investment.

Originally known as Clynelish, Brora began production in 1819. In the late 1960s it was decided to expand production by building a new distillery. Since its closure in 1983, Brora has gained immense recognition among whisky connoisseurs and collectors all over the world.

The renovation process was carried out in cooperation with many specialists and experts in the Scotch whisky industry to ensure that both the distillery buildings and the newly produced whisey were as close as possible to the original distillery. Distillery officials say every effort has been made to recreate the conditions, equipment and production processes of the original distillery before closure period.

Using historical tasting notes, archival materials and renovated stills, efforts were made to recreate the whisky from Brora distillery, which had been closed for years, as accurately as possible. Brora will produce approx. 800 000 liters of distillate per year, being carbon neutral and powered exclusively by renewable energy.


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